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MDCreds was founded on a simple premise, to relieve medical professionals of the cumbersome processes involved with enrolling into all types of insurance plans, as well as maintaining their "Participating" status.  

In our decades of experience in the medical billing and provider enrollment fields, we have found that too many companies promise to attain this goal as efficiently and quickly as possible, but do not provide quality customer service or the proactive follow up that is required. It was this experience that inspired us to launch MDCreds.

With MDCreds, you will get an intimate customer service experience where we will implement best practices and employ persistent, effective follow up in order to assure you are enrolled in the insurance carriers with as little delay as possible. Our approach prevents loss of revenue and potential reduction of patient satisfaction.

Why Outsource Your

Enrollment Tasks? 

Successful enrollment into insurance plans requires persistence, consistency and constant follow up. This follow up can include valuable hours  of your time wasted; spent on hold waiting for government agents to respond or re-doing paperwork unnecessarily. The slightest discrepancy in your application could be the difference in your getting approved or extending the application process. Any delay in enrollment could lead to severe financial losses and/or irreparable patient dissatisfaction.

Even circumstances beyond your control could lead to significant consequences as applications can be lost, and rules can be misapplied by insurance representatives. Additionally, new regulations spring into existence very quickly and must be followed explicitly.

MDCreds will ensure consistent and persuasive follow up until your applications are approved. Let us take the pressure off of your practice and conduct the follow up so that you can spend your time doing what you are meant to do, care for your patients.


New Affordable Care Act regulations require that all providers revalidate their Medicare and Medicaid applications every 5 years. Revalidating amounts to re-doing your applications in their entirety. Unfortunately, there are many things that can go wrong when attempting to comply with these regulations. It can be a challenge just to determine when your revalidation is due!!! Failure to proactively determine when your practice is due for revalidation can cause Medicare/Medicaid payments to cease. Without completing the revalidation process completely and correctly within 30 days of the due date can lead to your revenue becoming unrecoverable, having disastrous effects on your practice. Take the stress out of attempting to follow all of these obscure and ever-changing requirements and deadlines and let MDCreds revalidate your enrollments seamlessly.

What do our clients say...

"Our credentialing operations were getting way out of control. We needed serious help!”

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